SFB TRR 352 Mathematics of Many-Body Quantum Systems and Their Collective Phenomena

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Early Career

The promotion of researchers at the early stages of their careers is a top priority for the participating universities.

Aims of our support structures for early career researchers:

  • Acquiring a solid basis in the field of mathematical quantum physics.
  • Facilitating international networking opportunities beyond their subfields.
  • Encouraging interaction with leading experts in their specialization.
  • Fostering independence and early responsibility in their careers.


1. We support doctoral candidates in achieving excellence within their allotted time and offer supervision agreements focusing on both project planning and personal development.

2. We foster collaboration and networking through:

  • Organizing schools, workshops, and conferences for young researchers to present their work and exchange ideas.
  • Providing financial support for travel to conferences.
  • Our exchange program for doctoral candidates connects them to foreign research institutions for 2 to 6 months, supporting stays with up to €3000-€4000.

3. Postdocs hold responsible positions within projects and the CRC, supervising doctoral candidates and managing their own budgets for travel and guests.

4. Doctoral candidates and postdocs organize an annual retreat and have the opportunity to join the junior committee to contribute to the CRC's quality control.